Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Round Two - A Second Time or Second Chance

Round One started in September with twelve people.  One lasted only a day.  Some faded after Phase Two.  A few made it to graduation - 91 days. Congratulations!

It doesn't matter how far you went, it's always and only about your personal best.  This is you against yourself.  Or as I like to think, me against Tony Horton. "How much can I do?  How does it make me feel?  What more can I do?"  These are the important questions you have or will ask yourself during this intensive exercise program.

The great thing about doing this with other people you know is two-fold:
#1) It provides motivation.  Since you are competitive (I know this because you wouldn't be doing this program if you weren't driven) there is great satisfaction in knowing other people who are taking on the same challenges daily.  This positive peer pressure is the best part about doing this program.
#2) It is inherent to want to belong.  The old adage misery loves company could not be more true than with P90X.  Instead of belly-aching about a prod issue or some crabby client, you are consumed with the shredding of your muscles and can seek comfort in the counsel of your neighbor here. When you feel weak and want that donut on the 3rd floor cafeteria, you know your friends are watching to make sure you don't cave.

So now we begin Round Two...  We have a few new members. Welcome!  Some of you are starting with P90X.  Awesome! Some are trying out P90X Plus.  Whatever you are doing, Good For You!  Know that we are with you every step of the way!  Know that you can come here, record your comments and wise cracks.  Have fun!